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At the time of creating this blog post, I am training acupuncturists in Europe. This post comes to you via a Skype interview from my digs in the beautiful town of Monzambano in Northern Italy. Please listen here:

I’m in the process of presenting three workshops over here in Europe on the efficacy of Japanese acupuncture in the treatment of immune disorders. We might primarily consider immune disorders such as glandular fever or mononucleosis. We will be looking at acupuncture treatment for colds and flu, hopefully preventing the excessive use of antibiotics. Also in Australia I have been using acupuncture to successfully treat patients who have been suffering from Ross River Fever and Barmah Forest virus.

This weekend I am presenting a workshop in Verona. There will be a mix of people attending the workshop, but primarily doctors as a result of legislation here in Italy stipulating that only medical practitioners are allowed to practise acupuncture here in Italy. So this should be a very interesting exercise for me and something I am looking forward to greatly.

The following weekend, I will be flying north to the Czech Republic and I will be presenting another similar topic, obviously I will be focusing on the practise of acupuncture and also a brother or sister practise that we call moxibustion. There will be a majority of doctors there and I am expecting around about 40 medical practitioners at that particular workshop. This will be the fourth time I have been training acupuncturists in Prague (and only my first time in Italy). I am really looking forward to it. It should be a great experience judging by my previous visits.

Alan Jansson

I will then be flying down to Lisbon In Portugal and then travelling 40 minutes north of Lisbon to a beautiful town called Mafra , north of Sintra – the site of the National Palace in Portugal. I will be in residence in the retreat facility there and I will be presenting an acupuncture workshop to around about 20 to 25 lay practitioners of acupuncture. There may be one or two medical practitioners but primarily I will be working with lay practitioners there. I will be introducing them to the very gentle, and extremely effective practice (in my experience) of Japanese acupuncture for the treatment of immune system problems.

It really is a great privilege for me to be able to travel the world and to teach some of the skills that have been passed on to me. Also it’s a privilege to be able to share some of the depth of clinical experience that I have accumulated over the last 30 years in training acupuncturists who are committed and passionate and to assist people to recover from, in some cases, very serious health problems that have failed to respond to treatment by orthodox medicine.

So if you are suffering from any form of immune system problem, please feel free to draw on our extensive experience by visiting our acupuncture clinic in Woolloongabba, Brisbane or our clinic on the Gold Coast.