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Fertility Acupuncture Brisbane

We offer a holistic and comprehensive Womens Health and Fertility service, utilising the gentle and refined techniques of Japanese acupuncture.  Our highly experienced practitioners, with a combined clinical knowledge of over 50 years,  provide services for those experiencing  infertility, menstrual pain and discomfort and menopausal conditions.

Using gentle Japanese Acupuncture we work with each client as a unique¬†individual. Due to our extensive experience, study and skill set we are able to provide¬†highly specific traditional acupuncture strategies for womens suffering many forms of fertility and Women’s Health issues which includes:

  • Fertility ( Natural and IVF Assist)
  • Pregnancy, Birth preparation and Morning Sickness
  • Pre and Post Natal Health, including Post Natal Depression
  • Optimising position of baby and¬†support for preparation of Natural Childbirth

Our Brisbane acupuncture clinic provides strategies and support for women with all types of pregnancy and fertility issues including female low fertility and infertility.

Infertility in Women

We spe­cial­ise in the use of Japanese acu­punc­ture as a very gentle and supportive service   for those suffering in­fer­til­ity, men­strual pain or symptoms and men­o­pausal con­di­tions. These gyn­ae­co­lo­gical con­di­tions are unique in the sense of im­bal­ance for wo­men. Infertility in wo­men is seemingly becoming more com­mon in the 21st Century. There has been no greater time than now to explore the amazing benefits of this traditional medicine system which recognised the holistic nature of womens bodies. 

Japanese acu­punc­ture supports the po­ten­tial for a wo­man to fall preg­nant by regulating the imbalances in the body system and supporting overall health of the reproductive organs and cycle from a Traditional Medicine perspective. This dis­cus­sion folds over into men­strual pain dis­orders. The aim of our holistic treatment strategy is to achieve balance by supporting the health of the ovaries, the uterus and hormone system through the use of Japanese acu­punc­ture.


The sec¬≠ond¬≠ary is¬≠sue in re¬≠la¬≠tion to gyn¬≠ae¬≠co¬≠lo¬≠gical con¬≠di¬≠tions is men¬≠o¬≠pause.¬†Problems with men¬≠o¬≠pause have al¬≠ways been an is¬≠sue but, again, this is¬≠sue has reached epi¬≠demic pro¬≠por¬≠tions ‚Äď the men¬≠o¬≠pausal ex¬≠treme, the hot flushes and in¬≠som¬≠nia.¬†We see many wo¬≠men ex¬≠per¬≠i¬≠en¬≠cing dis¬≠tress when go¬≠ing through men¬≠o¬≠pause, although this is a natural phenomena, when imbalance is excessive, women suffer¬†unnecessarily¬†extreme¬†symptoms related to Menopause.¬† We are here to support Women’s bodies through this process and ease the severity of these imbalances and associated symptoms.

Men­strual dis­orders

We have been supporting Womens Health and menstrual related symptoms at Brisbane Acupuncture for over 20 years.  Hav­ing seen so many wo­men suffering from symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle it is obvious how de­struct­ive this can be on the psyche of the in­di­vidual.  On a monthly basis, an in­di­vidual may have to ex­per­i­ence severe pain with men­stru­ation or, on a daily basis, ex­per­i­ence the frus­tra­tion and chal­lenge and con­stant stress around fall­ing preg­nant. These imbalances in the men­strual cycle can also caus­ing dis­turbed sleep, fatigue, stress, feelings of anxi­ety and a so on.  We are so grateful to practice a holistic form of Traditional Medicine that supports balance for womens bodies using a medical history over over 2000 years!  

Gyn­ae­co­lo­gical con­di­tions

Our Acupuncture Brisbane service provide treatment strategies for women suffering from gynaecological conditions.  We provide very gentle treatments with very, very little dis­com­fort in­volved, if any.  Treatments strategies are formulated on an individualised basis to optimise your outcome to alleviate suffering and pain as quickly as possible. 

So if you have any gyn­ae­co­lo­gical con­di­tions and are con­sid­er­ing treat­ment, please come into our acu­punc­ture clinic and see us. You are more than wel­come and you can be as­sured that we will do our ab­so­lute best to help support you in getting preg­nant, re­solve men­strual dis­com­fort and men­strual pain or reign in the ex­treme dis­com­fort and dis­tress re­lated to men­o­pausal scen­arios.

Alan Jansson

B.Ac (Acupuncture)

Alan Jansson is an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Japanese Acupuncture. In clinical practice for 35 years, he is driven by a strong desire to use the consumer friendly nature, clinical efficacy and potency of Japanese Acupuncture to benefit all who seek his assistance, he is passionate about delivering excellence and positive clinical outcomes for his patient’s.

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Owen Formosa

BHSc, MAppSc (Acupuncture)

Owen gradu­ated with a Bachelor of Health Science and Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, through Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. Oth­er aca­dem­ic achieve­ments in­clude Cert IV Massage, Diploma of Remedial ther­apies and Shiatsu Meridian ther­apy, where he achieved the Principals Award for con­sist­ent clin­ic­al out­comes.

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