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As in the West the passing of time is notated by the allotment of the seasons.
The observation of nature and the ability to relate it to the human condition is an incredibly insightful science/philosophy founded by the forefathers of traditional acupuncture in China, thousands of years before the birth of Christ!

This science/philosophy has been studied and clinically applied by practitioners of traditional acupuncture with great success on the incalculable number of patients for tens of thousands of years.
A very, very long time!’

Natural science in ancient China related to the astute observation of nature, both within and without our bodies.

The ability to relate natural phenomena occurring outside of the body to the physiological functions of the human organism is truly astounding and provides an entirely unique medical philosophy that in skilled hands can significantly contribute to the regaining/ maintaining of robust good health.

In ancient China, doctors of traditional acupuncture were only available to the privileged few.
It was not unusual for the practitioner to receive food, shelter, bolts of cloth and special privileges as a result of treating the rich and fabulous.

It was the role of the physician to keep their patients in good health, when they failed to do, especially in the case of royalty we might expect that the consequences were somewhat dire.

The ancient’s ability to observe natural phenomena and apply it to the human form was extraordinary.
The fact that this science, recorded in such incredible detail remains clinically relevant in the 21st century orders on miraculous and is awesome testimony to the efficacy of this incredibly durable traditional medicine.

It is my goal to bring these principles into play in clinic at every opportunity. This enables me to understand you, my client and your health goals from a truly unique and clinically viable perspective.
A real bonus when orthodox modalities have failed to gain the traction required to stimulate our healing processes.

If we fail to have adequate rest and respite during winter the consequences are usually felt during the spring.
In a bodily environment this might translate as an aching lower back, indicating kidney deficiency.
Stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, sinusitis, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, aggravated sciatica, increased irritability, dream disturbed sleep pattern and various digestive disturbances indicate liver deficiency in addition to kidney deficiency, both conditions initially manifest as energetic tendencies and do not necessarily indicate organic disease.

If we fail to rectify these imbalances during spring then the consequences will be felt in summer.

What can you do?

I urge you to ensure that you spend at least an hour per week soaking up the smells and sounds of the spring rain and closely observe as nature comes ‘alive’ with the first regular storms for many years.

By taking a little time out and truly savoring the incredible intensity of the storms along with the growth and expansion of the trees and plants you will be aligning yourself with the energy that has driven life for millennia and perhaps you will be rewarded for your effortless effort with an increased awareness and appreciation of the miracle of life.