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In this video, Alan Jansson explains why water retention is a problem in pregnancy and what acupuncture can do to treat this problem.

He draws on the basic principles of Chinese Medicine which in this scenario views the kidney as the cooling element in the body. The very act of growing a baby puts an incredible drain on the kidney. If a woman already has a fundamental kidney deficiency, then she is very prone to problems in pregnancy such as water retention.

Water retention in pregnancy thus relates to the inability of the woman’s kidneys to function effectively to clear excess fluid. If this is not treated, it can result in pre-eclampsia which in turn can lead to hypertension and other problems such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and swelling in the legs, hands and face.

Acupuncture: a natural treatment for water retention in pregnancy

Alan discusses how acupuncture helps to build the kidney energy in the mother’s body which in turn has beneficial effects for the baby as well. This non-invasive and gentle form of treatment serves to re-balance the body and strengthen the kidney function.

The use of acupuncture for water retention during pregnancy commonly reduces the need to use pharmaceutical products such as diuretics which can have a deleterious effect on the health of the mother and baby.

By building up the body’s own natural capacity to cool itself, Alan is able to help the pregnant mother deal with fluids in a natural way without other forms of intervention such as medication.

This natural approach, employing the long-standing tradition of Japanese Acupuncture, has positive spin-off effects for the overall health of the pregnant mother and strengthens her capacity to manage external changes such as climatic conditions as well as the natural internal changes in her body.

Summer conditions, for example, place an extra strain on the body’s kidney-energy because of the need to deal with heat and humidity. This is a time, then, when a pregnant woman can become particularly prone to water retention.

Through the use of traditional acupuncture, the water retention problem can be prevented, or overcome, thus enabling the pregnant mother to handle these demanding external conditions.

Many pregnant women have approached Alan in his Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic and received acupuncture treatment to successfully treat the condition of water retention during their pregnancy.

If you are experiencing this potentially disabling condition, don’t hesitate to contact Alan at his acupuncture clinic in Brisbane.