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In this post, I discuss the role that acupuncture is very capable of playing in prenatal treatment. At this stage of my career, after 30 years in my acupuncture practice, I have had the honour and the pleasure of contributing to a more comfortable and more expedient childbirth for many mothers through my profession of acupuncture.

At the moment, I’m seeing probably three or four women who are actually coming in for treatment prenatally – that is from about 34 weeks on. We are working very specifically on helping the dilation of the cervix, the softening of the cartilage and the ripening of the process with a view to fostering a more comfortable and expedient childbirth process.

There are many factors involved in childbirth but certainly in my experience, and from the experience of many of the mid-wives I have spoken to, this aspect of childbirth encourages women to pursue acupuncture treatment.

I am very enthusiastic about acupuncture treatment before childbirth. Acupuncture is commonly used during the childbirth but I think it is much better to prepare the garden beforehand, rather than try a last minute treatment.
In my experience, if we spend a little time beforehand – four or five acupuncture treatments – getting everything in the best condition, it is really beneficial for the expectant mother. Also, it has a positive knock-on effect for the newborn child. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help in this way and I have an a whole album of photographs of mothers bringing their little ones back after they have been born some weeks, some months, after the acupuncture treatment.

In a case recently, I received an email from a patient I had treated a couple of years earlier. The mother wrote, “Sorry I have not been in contact earlier, you have been on my mind but thank you so much for your help in expediting the birth of my healthy bundle of joy, now two and a half years old”.

Acupuncture, as I say, is very beneficial in helping with the dilation of the cervix and getting everything in the best possible condition for childbirth. So if you are pregnant and wish to have the best possible preparation for childbirth, don’t hesitate to visit our Brisbane acupuncture clinic or our clinic on the Gold Coast, to receive acupuncture for prenatal treatment.