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In this post I focus on acupuncture for morning sickness. It seems a diabolical situation that many women get so sick during pregnancy which should be experienced as a wonderful time in a woman’s life.

There are an increasing number of women coming to our acupuncture clinic who are seeking relief from morning sickness in pregnancy. The name of this condition is actually a misnomer as the symptoms can occur at any time during the day – sometimes it is an evening sickness or a sickness that occurs in the middle of the day. Whenever morning sickness occurs, it massively erodes the potential enjoyment of life and the pregnancy itself.

I would have to say that the most severe case of this condition that I have seen in my acupuncture clinic, would have to be that of a midwife. She was continually having to work as a midwife during her pregnancy. The morning sickness for her was diabolical – a terrible case of this condition. She was having problems controlling her nausea and dry retching while she was working with women who were pregnant. This was a very strange and distressing scenario.

This case of the midwife was some years ago. However, she responded to acupuncture incredibly well. Her morning sickness was resolved with an intensive course of acupuncture treatment over two to three weeks, with judicious use of fine needles. As a result, she was able to enjoy her pregnancy and her work and be able to carry on her profession as a midwife with a smile on her face.

It was fantastic to be able to provide that sort of support for someone so intimately involved in the whole process of childbirth. I am extremely supportive of midwifes.

I am very keen whenever I see a woman come into the acupuncture clinic suffering from the symptoms of morning sickness. I love nothing more than being able to resolve that situation and replace that with much more enjoyment of the pregnancy.

If you are suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to contact us at our Acupuncture Brisbane clinic or our clinic on the Gold Coast.