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I want to talk about my experience over my 30 years of practice in using acupuncture for migraine and other headaches.

At the apex, as far as severity goes, we have migraine headache sufferers. It is a diabolical condition and if you suffer from migraine headaches, or know someone who suffers from them, you will be well aware that at worst they can be totally debilitating. In some cases, a migraine can force the sufferer to isolate themselves in a room with no light or stimulation whatsoever for up to two days.

Migraines are savage. If you have had one, it is very difficult to describe. I can’t say that I have had one. However, I have treated so many people in my 30 years of acupuncture practice suffering from chronic and acute migraine headaches. I mean chronic in the sense that the person suffers from continual, regular or persistent migraine headaches over a month, twice a month or sometimes three times a week – there is a regular pattern.

The acupuncture treatment for chronic migraine is typically not just aimed at relieving the pain. The treatment goal as a traditional acupuncture practitioner is to change the pattern, not only to relieve the pain when the person comes into the clinic to get some relief from this debilitating condition. The aim is to help build the blocks and remedy the situation that causes them to be a chronic sufferer of migraine headaches.

It gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction when someone comes into the acupuncture clinic suffering from a migraine and I am able to give them immediate relief (and in most cases we are able to do that). It is also wonderful when someone comes to my acupuncture practice over a period of time and we are able to regularly treat them – in my experience we are able to adjust the fundamental energetic imbalance within their body so that the migraine headaches are no longer a continual, regular issue. If migraines do come, it is on an irregular basis and the patient is able to seek further acupuncture treatment from me and get pretty well immediate relief.

For me it is a magical process to see someone go from being in such a diabolical condition to feeling relatively okay when they leave the acupuncture clinic. I love working with people with all sorts of illnesses but to be able to provide relief to someone suffering acute pain is especially satisfying. It certainly is an enormous plus in my acupuncture work.

So if you are suffering from migraine, whether occasionally or chronically, please don’t hesitate to seek our assistance at either our Brisbane acupuncture clinic or our clinic on the Gold Coast.