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I would like to discuss some of the experiences in my Brisbane acupuncture clinic relating to how I use acupuncture for depression to help people suffering from this oppressive condition. I’ve noticed a significant increase in patient numbers in the adolescent age group (13-19 years of age) who are suffering from depression. It’s a great shame as this is the time of life that the person should be blooming and blossoming.

I have noticed that the majority of the young people who come to my acupuncture clinic suffering from depression have already sought orthodox medical help for their condition. In many cases, they are already taking very powerful antidepressant medication. Whilst there may be some benefit in their taking the medication, there are also, in many cases, very deleterious side effects with the continual and consistent taking of the allopathic or orthodox medication.

Acupuncture for depression in adolescents

One young person I am treating with acupuncture at the moment is suffering from colitis, severe nausea and anxiety. These symptoms are not attributable to the medication but are part of his overall medical condition. I am really happy to say that he is now in the last stage of withdrawing from the orthodox medication. He will be independent of the medication a week from now. This is very exciting, though quite traumatic for him to go through this withdrawal procedure. He required very regular acupuncture treatments while withdrawing from the medication and this withdrawal in itself produced symptoms such as the shakes, cold sweats and nausea and he was generally traumatised and in a state of deep anxiety.

The regular acupuncture for depression gave him very significant support in assisting him to move through the gateway, if you like, becoming independent of the medication. This was a wonderful outcome for a very lovely family and a really nice young man. It is very heartening as an acupuncturist to see someone come to the clinic and come out the other side of the depression cycle.

Again, I am not against the antidepressant medication and I am not saying don’t stop taking the medication without support. The problem is that the orthodox medication tends to induce a degree of dependence with consistent use and there are often other deleterious side effects.

It is wonderful to see this young fellow who is really happy when he comes in for acupuncture treatment – he is really smiling and he is relaxed and he is not in a state of anxiety. He is not breaking into a cold sweat and he hasn’t got incredible tremors.

I just wanted to share this with you as it excites me to help people in this situation. So if you are suffering from depression, drop into our Brisbane acupuncture clinic and experience the support that acupuncture for depression can give you to enable you to improve the quality of your life.