Acupuncture Treatment for the Flu Epidemic

I would like to talk about the recent flu epidemic here in South East Queensland. We’ve seen many patients in our Brisbane acupuncture clinic at various stages of suffering with regards to contraction of the flu virus. We have had patients come to our acupuncture clinic with just the very initial stages – slightly runny […]

Training Acupuncturists in Europe – Bringing Eastern and Western Medicine Together

I want to broach the subject of my recent journey to Europe. I presented three workshops – in Italy, the Czech Republic and in Portugal. The Czech Republic was probably the most intriguing of the tree settings, primarily because my host, Dr. Jiri Bilek, was the Inaugural president of the Czech Republic Traditional Chinese Medicine […]

Treating Fibromyalgia with Acupuncture

In some senses we could call fibromyalgia the scourge of the 21st Century. I’m sure in previous times many people have suffered from fibromyalgia without having that name or pattern imprinted on their aches or pains. Essentially speaking, fibromyalgia is overall body pain, almost at a cellular level, where the sufferer experiences aches and pains […]

How Can Acupuncture Relieve Hay Fever?

It is an appropriate time to talk about acupuncture and hay fever as Spring has just started in Brisbane. A couple of things occur in Spring – we have many of the trees coming into blossom and we have those infamous northerly winds here in South East Queensland. The combination of these two environmental factors […]

Brisbane Acupuncture – Evolution of the Woolloongabba Clinic

I practise a very gentle form of traditional acupuncture at my Brisbane acupuncture clinic in Woolloongabba, at the famous Gabba Cricket Ground. I have been in this location at the Queensland Sports Medicine Centre for the past 14 years.  In that time, I have gone through several phases in my acupuncture practice – and these […]

Acupuncture for Eye Disease

  Many people come to the Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic for treatment of eye conditions ranging from sore eyes to degenerative eye disease. There is a frightening increase in the incidence of eye conditions and especially degenerative eye disease such as retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.  A more common condition that is treated at our acupuncture […]

Acupuncture Treatment for Glandular Fever

Alan Jansson describes how he successfully provides acupuncture treatment for glandular fever especially for young people. For a full transcript of this video, please go HERE

Acupuncture Treatment for Ross River Fever

  Ross River Fever is a virus disease that is contracted by a mosquito bite.  Contrary to popular belief, this virus is not confined to the northern parts of Queensland but has been diagnosed in people in other parts of Australia, e.g. New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.  It is more prevalent in rural […]

Japanese Acupuncture: Study Trip to Japan

My trip to Japan was to attend another Japanese Acupuncture workshop with my Master Acupuncturist, Ikeda Sensei. It was quite an amazing journey – as it always is. For a full transcript, please go HERE

Acupuncture Treatment for Water Retention in Pregnancy

In this video, Alan Jansson explains why water retention is a problem in pregnancy and what acupuncture can do to treat this problem. He draws on the basic principles of Chinese Medicine which in this scenario views the kidney as the cooling element in the body. The very act of growing a baby puts an […]